Case study: Testing success with new identity strategies

MiQ and Pubmatic are at the leading edge of addressability innovation

Pubmatic partnered with MiQ to test new and sustainable SSP addressability solutions with the goal of driving increased ROI in environments without third-party cookies.  

The challenge

The post-cookie landscape is uncertain and that’s why an unbiased, multi-solution approach is needed to build a comprehensive and complementary strategy to create safe, data-driven advertising of the future. This is the philosophy that MiQ, leaders in data science, programmatic trading and supply path optimization, and PubMatic, experts in engaging audiences in premium supply-side environments, put together to solve performance challenges for advertisers in the absence of third-party cookies. 

The solution:

Authenticated IDs have exploded as a key data point in Identity Spines for audience prospecting and retargeting. As the industry works to integrate multi-IDs at scale, leveraging specific supply paths can be advantageous for marketers. SSPs, such as Pubmatic, have close ties to publishers which could allow them to bypass existing barriers with authenticated ID matching to incrementally scale first party data, even if the ID is not yet fully developed.

MiQ partnered with PubMatic to build and solidify a supply-side approach to addressability for key clients using Pubmatic’s Audience Encore. This helps advertisers reach desired audiences using an addressable currency of choice (unique user identifiers, third-party cookies, first-party data, etc.). MiQ ran a series of campaigns split 50/50 using RampID, LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, and cookies respectively, all else stayed the same. MiQ found that not only did the campaigns using an identifier (RampID) achieve key KPIs, but when used strategically they outperformed the cookie campaigns.

MiQ and their clients concluded that by incorporating identifiers now, instead of waiting for third-party cookies to go away, they can economically unlock greater reach today while preparing for tomorrow. Incorporating SSPs and their close integrations with publishers, drove ROI faster by overcoming fragmentation issues amid the growth in adoption of alternative identifiers in the industry. 


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