Campaign, consumer and behavioral insights

How do we do it?

Our Analytics Studio has been built from the ground up with flexibility, scale and security in mind, meaning we can safely process over 10 terabytes of data on a weekly basis from a multitude of partners, such as demand-side platforms and third party data providers as well as data that is specific to your brand, such as first party data, or niche macro data. We can then push this into our Intelligence Hub platform to make it easy to discover the market, consumer and behavioral insights that are relevant for activating your programmatic campaigns via audience targeting or contextual targeting.

What does that mean for you?

We allow you to find a specific audience such as those interested in your brand, searching a specific keyword, browsing certain websites or visiting a given location, and then discover additional attributes to make your campaign a success, such as additional demographics, TV viewership habits, device insights and more.