CMC Markets

Making the most of macro-trends

How we helped CMC Markets align their programmatic marketing with stock price movement.


CMC Markets are experts at reading the market, helping their clients make smart investments via their online trading platform. But they wanted to know if the changes they see every day in stock prices affect the number of people visiting the CMC website and signing up.


We let our data experts loose on CMC Markets’ 3rd party finance data so they could build a custom data ingestion input and output workflow that would show the correlation between stock volume and website conversions.

Using this workflow, our analysts were able to calculate the correlation between total conversions (accounts opened) and the daily stock volume for each stock.

With these insights, we designed a media activation plan to increase the number of accounts opened for CMC Markets while also reducing their CPA.


Since we launched the new activation plan, CMC Markets have seen a CPA that’s 60% lower than before. 

We worked out a super precise insight (a +0.52 correlation between stock volume for

Telstra and Total Finance Sync conversion), and so were able to generate a continual reduction in CPA using Finance Sync for CMC Markets.


“By being able to understand and quickly activate our media based on the data correlation between stock prices and conversions, we've been able to focus our marketing efforts on reaching the most valuable customers, which drives great business value.”

Client CMC Markets