NFL Game Pass subscription


NFL Game Pass is a subscription service which allows users to access live NFL games and post game recaps online.

To boost subscriptions, NFL and their media agency partnered with MiQ to use audience engagement insights that connect online behavior with offline behavior.


Uplift in NFL Game Pass Subscriptions

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  • 60% 60%
  • 80% 80%
  • 55% 55%
  • 95% 95%
“MiQ was integral to the success of the NFL Game Pass 2019/20 season campaign. Their dedication, diligence and expertise ensured optimal campaign performance, and thanks to them, we hit our KPIs.
They also delivered this with best in class knowledge, regimented efficiency and a smile. A great partner to work with.”

Data & Technology Director,
NFL’s Media Agency



The objective was to generate excitement around the Game Pass for NFL fans who could watch all time favorite games time and time again. They wanted to adjust their programmatic strategy to:

  • Draw loyal fans towards paid NFL Game Pass
    subscriptions across the globe, and learn more about their user behavior.
  • Attract viewers across the globe, in priority markets and new markets.



  • We implemented an Advanced Pixel to enhance our targeting strategies predicting user propensity to convert based on on-site behaviors. This was useful for retargeting as well.
  • We could go beyond with real time delivery of creatives, with vast actionable marketing intelligence insights leveraging a custom events sync to pace the campaign based on macro-level sporting events during the NFL season.
  • We created a bespoke audience model with our third-party data sources and Adobe DMP of the NFL game viewers, leading to successful activation across 80+ markets.


Working together with NFL’s agency in an agile way to create a transparent environment to share data, we were able to seamlessly activate the campaign across 6 continents.

By delivering efficient programmatic targeting MiQ achieved:

  • 57% uplift in NFL Game Pass Subscriptions.
  • 19% drop in real time CPA.

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