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Powerful programmatic performance that’s future-proofed for the post-cookie world. Deliver the outcomes that matter to you by reaching the right audience, with the right creative, through the most efficient buying channels.

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Boost your campaigns and deliver more of the results you care about. Find out how it works.

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This is Performance

With MiQ Performance, you can achieve powerful programmatic advertising performance using predictive analytics and customized automation to deliver the outcomes that matter to you.

  • Day zero intelligence - Understand what’s going to work for your audience before your campaign begins.
  • Unlimited supply access - Find the best way to the most valuable impression with our multi-DSP approach.
  • Creative solutions - Drive better performance from your creative with predictive DCO, custom high-impact units and more.
  • Custom measurement - Use custom algorithms that automatically optimize towards what you care about and measure what matters.

Performance capabilities

Our performance solution has all the capabilities you need to deliver high-performance campaigns. Click on the wheel to find out more about each one.

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Client stories

Boosting NFL game pass subscriptions

NFL Game Pass is a subscription service which allows users to access live NFL games and post game recaps online.

To boost subscriptions, NFL’s agency Wavemaker partnered with MiQ to use audience engagement insights that connect online behaviour with offline behaviour.

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Identity: Crisis? What crisis?

We’re in the middle of the biggest shift in the way digital advertising works since it was invented. And it’s all because of what’s going on with identity. 

Read our ebook to find out:

  • What’s changing and why it matters to marketers
  • Why there’s no single silver bullet solution for a world beyond personal identifiers
  • What the different options are for identity in the future – and how you can make them work together
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Programmatic 101

Book an MiQ Unlocked session and have our experts come to your office to bring you up to speed on the latest trends in our industry.

In Programmatic 101, we cover the basics of programmatic advertising – why we use it, how to spot trends, the power of programmatic data in creating strategies for your campaigns.

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