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MiQ Time and Place

Understand the moments that matter to the people who matter to you - your customers. Use real-world location insights to understand your audience, then reach them with just the right creative in omnichannel activations that deliver on your precise campaign goals.

How it works

Time and Place in action

Connect your digital campaigns to the real world in order to reach your audience in more meaningful ways. Find out how it works.

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This is Time and Place

What happens in your customers’ real world should matter to your marketing. And with MiQ Time and Place, you can understand what’s going on with your audience and get the addressability you need to reach them.

  • Real-world location insights - Connect your first-party data with data from industry leaders like Foursquare and Unacast to build a deeper picture of what’s happening in your customers’ worlds.
  • Omnichannel inventory - Translate offline insights into endless targeting possibilities via multiple DSPs across every channel you need.
  • High-impact creative - Keep things personal with custom, high impact Time and Place creative solutions like GPS locators and interactive maps.
  • Offline measurement - Prove the value of your investment by optimizing to offline metrics like store visits, purchase lift or survey-based qualitative insights.

Time and Place capabilities

Our Time and Place solution has all the capabilities you need to deliver high-performance campaigns. Find out more about them here:

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Client stories

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How a famous coffee brand got more customers through its doors with MiQ Time and Place.

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The omnichannel programmatic promise

What does the future of programmatic omnichannel look like? And what do marketers need to do to get there?

Read our report to find out:

  • The right strategies to make sure all your data is working together
  • Why cross-platform targeting, measurement and attribution are getting easier
  • How to unlock the potential of omnichannel with better education and technology
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Book an MiQ Unlocked session and have our experts come to your office to bring you up to speed on the latest trends in our industry.

In Programmatic 101, we cover the basics of programmatic advertising – why we use it, how to spot trends, the power of programmatic data in creating strategies for your campaigns.

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