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You’re a problem-solver? You’ve got a head for numbers? You love finding hidden insights in information? Check, check and check. Programmatic trading could be a great move for you.

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What does a programmatic trader do?

Programmatic traders are the behind-the-scenes experts that make the whole world of digital advertising work. Pretty much all the adverts shown online are bought and sold in auctions – a bit like a stock market, but with more creativity and less likely to crash the global economy.

A programmatic trader’s job is to understand these auctions, so they connect everyday internet users with the brands, content, and causes they care about by using insights to show the right adverts to the right people (and not to annoy people who aren’t interested).



What kind of people make good programmatic traders?

You don’t need any specialist skills to start out as a programmatic trader. If you like solving problems, enjoy working as part of a dynamic team, and are comfortable working with large volumes of information to find out interesting things, that’s an ideal start.

Marketing and economics majors are a good fit, but we’ve also got awesome traders with backgrounds in finance, business administration, mathematics, computer science, and physics.

Five reasons you’ll love being a programmatic trader at MiQ


It’s a perfect mix of creative thinking and hard numbers.


You get to work with really smart tech and even smarter people.


You can learn on the job, with no specialist IT skills needed to start out.


You’re the heart of the business, connecting with everyone – clients, analysts, sales teams, and more – to connect people to what they care about.


There are huge opportunities for personal growth – to learn more, to take on more responsibilities, and get rewarded for that growth.

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